Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Research Question for The First Period

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

I'm writing a book, From Menses to Menopause: A Journey Through Time.

In my research, I am finding several things.  One of them is that virtually all women remember where they were when they had their first period.  The second thing is that there are not a lot of stories out there on this event.  Much like losing your first tooth, starting a new school, or wearing your first bra, having your first period can be a vivid memory that brings back a lot of different emotions.

So welcome to Womanhood!  Let's have a go at this!

First, I need:
A.  Your Age right now
B.  Your Ethnicity
C.  Your Age when you started your period

Then Please Answer these Questions:
#1.  Where were you? (e.g., at school, in the garden, etc.)
#2.  Who was with you? (e.g., your sister, no one, etc.)
#3.  What did you do? 
#4.  Did you tell your mother?  Your father?
#5.  How did you feel?
#6.  (And since I'm a doctor, I have to ask...)  Did you tell your doctor?

And for our gentleman friends, please ask a kind woman for her input here.
Thank you!  If you do not want to post your Comment here, please email me privately at: with the Subject Headline:

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  1. Also asked: How old are you now? What is your Ethnicity? How old were you when you started your First Period? If you are in PeriMenopause, questions include: When was your last period? Is your menopause natural or surgical? Are you on hormone replacement?


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