Saturday, December 14, 2013

Author Focus on Dr. Margaret Aranda

Announcing a recent, local article about Dr. Aranda's two recent books. One is on Christian Living, called Stepping from the Edge. It is the Sequel to No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery. The Other is a children's book, Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug. Launching nationwide, her next book will focus on Women's Health from puberty past menopause, and you are guaranteed to learn at least 50 things that you did not know.

For now, it is good to see women highlighted in the news:

Never give up.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Nancy Mills' Spirited Woman of 2014

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

If you can turn lemons into lemonade, or you can turn a mole into a molehill, then you have the kind of flexibility that is needed to succeed when others think you will fail, and you have the ability to fight to get your point across. Women need to speak up, especially when it comes to Health & Wellness. So honor yourself, and see what women all over the world are doing to honor you.

P.S. Yes, that's me on the bottom right; check out The Spirited Woman Directory 2014
You can see me as Cover Girl, pg 23, 24, 35, and 123 also!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Announcement: Spirited Women ShareFest Starts December 3, 2013

The Spirited Women Sharefest is a 10-day Celebration by women and for women, meant to inspireencourage, and keep you persevering so that you can end 2013 on a bang!

To join, please go to My Facebook Page and Join! 
Also, Share with your family and friends!

This is to Cordially invite you, as a visionary woman with dreams,
to participate in this fun and enlightening Share Fest!

This is done globally, through the Spirited Woman Facebook Page, which you can find on the link.
I am delighted to stand with Nancy Mills in inviting you and the women in your lives.

We may not be able to meet everyone in person all the time, but the internet can bring us all together
to celebrate, to inspire, to encourage, to persevere, and to meet new friends on this
fantastic journey together!

So jump aboard!
See you there! You can be sittingstandinglaying in bedwalking with a walkersitting in a wheelchair, and none of that matters for this

You can still be with us, no matter where you are in the world!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dr. Aranda named Cover Girl, Nancy Mills' Spirited Women 2014 Directory

by Dr Margaret Aranda

I can't stand up without midodrine, I can't eat without zofran, I get migraines and tinnitus without diazepam, and I would go into kidney failure without DDAVP. To name a few.

Despite all that, I use my fingers, my brain, and my computer to inspire, encourage, and educate doctors and patients alike. I won't forget the bed-ridden or the chronically ill, because I am both.

I am deeply honored that Nancy Mills called me to see if I would accept this invitation: to be in the Nancy Mills' Spirited Women's Directory of 2014. There are 14 other Cover Girls, too. Launching on 12/12/13, please mark your calendar to see the chosen Spirited Women worldwide, who are bound to make you smile and inspire you to be the best that you can be, no matter your circumstances. It's FREE, for you my friend. Free inspiration from me to you so that you can strive your best to accomplish one baby step at a time. Just one day at a time.

Now what could be better than that? My gift to you this Holiday Season.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time

by Dr. Margaret Aranda

For my Caring Friends, here's a preview of my newest book, written before the doctor dropped me on the floor in March, 2013. I wrote this book (many of you will understand) because I'm not sure if I'll live long enough to see my daughter live through all the stages of womanhood: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

                                   Book Cover Photo. Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time.

The book starts with my first period, and is very tongue-in-cheek humorous, because we all know where we were when we started our first period. Then I go through history, sociology, anatomy, and the endocrinology of the ovaries.

I discuss what Aristotle thought of menstruation and menopause, how William T. Stead is a hero we never hear about for rescuing children out of prostitution in London's brothels. This book is filled with the sociology of menstruation, including whether women on their periods can fly a plane, and whether women who are camping on their periods attract bear attacks that lead to death.

One of the most surprising statistics that I learned in my research and interviews of women is that in the USA, in women over 45 years old, 40% have had a hysterectomy. Of these, nearly 50% have had normal ovaries removed without proper Informed Consent. I dedicate an entire chapter to "Ovarian Conservation" (i.e., keeping your ovaries), and give you all the risk factors you need to know so you can put yourself on the Chart to see if you are at risk for ovarian cancer, and hence should get them removed. So my next book will be Hysterectomy can be Hell. I hope to get an Army behind me on this one, because it will take a Movement to change our culture. And changing a culture always means that people won't like you. Believe me. I've been there before.

I discuss the HPV vaccination for girls aged 11-12, starting your period, how to put in a tampon, and introduce what most women don't know: the menstrual cup, and the nondisposable pad. I promote a certain program that helps girls in Africa obtain menstrual pads so they don't have to miss school, be drop-outs, get pregnant, contract HIV, attain a lower socioeconomic status, and die earlier than the girls that are more educated. So expect a Movement there, too, ladies and girls.

I go through the Women's Health Initiative and basically tear it to shreds, because it had, in my opinion, no application to women in menopause suffering symptoms of vaginal dryness and hot flashes. I let you skip a very medical chapter if you would like, but I also put it in there for medical personnel to evaluate it for themselves. I dissect menopause and give the man's perspective, too, hopefully leading you to more self-discovery and compassionate understanding. Pretty funny stories there, too, my friend.

The last half of the book is dedicated to such things as Invisible Diseases, the Low Glycemic Diet, Immunonutrition and Fish Oil, Telemeres, Living for not only Health & Wellness but also for Quality of Life, Caregiving (and the effects on women, by ethnicity), Long-Term care, and death and dying. I empower you to ask questions, eat Spoon by Spoon, and Don't Fall when you are elderly. I tired of seeing women come into the Operating Room for hip fractures from a fall. You need to know your bone density, and take your Vitamin D or Calcium. The role of an Endocrinologist in your care can not be underestimated. I also believe that Cenegenics has an excellent program for Concierge Medicine, private pay by cash, that is mostly utilized by Presidents and CEOs of companies. They are mostly men. This needs to change, because there are plenty of millionaire women out there. And women need to stop spending all their time nurturing others, and start spending some time nurturing themselves. So I took all this knowledge in my head and told it to you before my traumatic brain injury and DI occurred; and I thank God that I did it.

There. I said it. My opinion rings throughout this book, and it is backed up by over 200 Stanford-quality references that are NIH-funded. I list them all for you, and many of them are dated in 2012 and 2013. Nothing but the best for you, my friends. Nothing but the best. Be prepared to learn, to grow, and to  ROCK your WORLD. You can PRE-ORDER the book (February launch date perhaps) on The Aranda MD ShoppeMy official site is Coming Soon....and I hope you like it. 

God Bless You in all that you do.

Monday, August 12, 2013


by Dr. Margaret Aranda

Medi-Baskets(TM): Diagnosis-driven, Individual Care Packages 

are a Novel Method to Prevent Complications and Optimize Quality of Life 

at the Time of a New Diagnosis

When a person is given a new diagnosis, many times there is a lag of time between the day of diagnosis and the time that the patient acquires key ingredients and supplies that are tailored to the diagnosis. For bad arthritis, one may need a grabber to get things off of high shelves. Or, the patient may have a new diagnosis of Heart Disease or Diabetes. It may or may not have taken months or years to get that diagnosis, and that is why we exist. We are here to cater to your individual needs, because every patient is different.

In the former days of medicine, the doctor gives the diagnosis, the patient may or may not receive a Brochure, peruse websites, talks to another doctor, and/or participate in an Educational Clinic or two. These are all great avenues to become educated about a Diagnosis and how important it is to watch the blood glucose levels, but they stop short from bringing practical and useful items into a patient's home and every-day life. These items are chosen for everyday use, to prevent complications or to optimize health and Quality of Life. Either way, we hope you have a little fun with it, and mostly, we hope you use it!

With MediBaskets(TM), we go beyond this continuum. We strive to supply you with key ingredients that are specific for your diagnosis. So, for diabetes, your insurance will pay for your a glucometer to check your blood glucose (sugar) levels, and you take it home with the insulin bottle and syringes. These are  standard items that most people obtain to check their sugar levels. We don't just stop there.

If you are new to a diagnosis of diabetes, perhaps you do not know that a great pair of softening socks may help you keep your feet from cracking. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor; diabetes will cause amputations in people of all societies. Foot cracking can lead to bleeding, infection, and gangrene. With diabetes, foot and leg sores can develop into severe lesions complete with eaten-away skin. In the worst case scenario, foot lesions can lead to gangrene and the need for emergency amputation. That is a medical fact. I've seen it in the Operating Room too many times. Then people suffer from phantom limb pain. And it all started with what you ate. What you put in your mouth. How much of it was green? How much of it came out of a box? Do you have abdominal obesity, putting you at risk of heart disease, chronic inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and death? What can you do now, today?

Some prevention or delay of kidney failure may be possible. Even if you don't have high blood pressure, studies from 20 years ago show that if you are simultaneously placed on an anti-hypertensive ACE-inhibitor, you will 'spill' less protein into your urine, protecting the kidneys. You're not supposed to spill any protein into your urine. So let's keep your kidney functioning normally for as long as possible, ok? We need you to visit your grandchildren or your children instead of spending 4 hours/day, 3 days/week going to a dialysis center. You'll have to have an iv port in, but you can buy special clothes that have zippers so you can hook your dialysis catheter up to the machine. But we don't think that was in your head as a real idea of a fashion statement. Your blood pressure goes down during dialysis, and the most common complaint after dialysis is a headache. Do you see how your Quality of Life will change? It's not funny. It's serious. And it's pretty much All in Your Hands.

So we try to think ahead for you. Whether you have a new diagnosis of heart disease, menopause, diabetes, dysautonomia, traumatic brain injury, hypertension, or you have a friend, relative, or co-worker who has a list of diagnoses we now serve, we can send them a MediBasket (from you or a group of co-workers, or a group of friends) to fit their needs. We know what it feels like to be suddenly athletic and then to be suddenly bed-ridden and sick, and we think we can make things better. 
So our President and CEO, Dra. Margaret Aranda vowed to make use of what we do know, and to pass it along to you!

Sample Medi-Basket(TM) for Diabetes. Individually made per patient, the Medi-Basket(TM) comes in four ascending sizes. The goal is for Preventive Medicine to rule, providing the patient with needed supplies for the mind, body, and soul. Perhaps a dash of humor here, and some body-soothing products will ease the physical and mental aspects of a new diagnosis. A physician is available to ask questions, but please realize that the answers are not meant to provide a medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, or cure.
But we think you are sure to feel loved by the person(s) that sent it to you, because our CEO knows what it's like to be a patient, having been bed-ridden from dysautonomia for 6 years. She was getting better until she sustained another head injury, giving her DI. But she pushes ahead on the Medi-Basket (TM) because of you. Because Keeping you in the Community and Out of the Hospital?
That's our goal. 

We are doing our part to Keep You in the Community by sharing information and education with you, your loved ones, friends, and/or co-workers. This is only by your request or the request of a Caring Friend that you know. So, how wonderful is it to know that you are not alone. Others are rooting for you, so you keep up the good fight, and persevere!

How wonderful it is that people are helping people? We think that It's About Time! Of course we want to see you well, and we wish you all the Best in your Recovery. If you get bored, tune in to for some brainteasers and information, or comment, critique, or just be cranky. Don't let anyone tell you not to be yourself. There's nothing wrong with you; it's your injured body that you are living in that's just a little broken right now.

Medical Disclaimer: Remember that your new diagnosis needs to be managed by your doctor, to keep you In the Community and not in the hospital. Nothing is meant as medical advice, treatment, or cure. A doctor has to see you in person for a thorough examination, if needed.

Aranda MD Enterprises, LLC
26500-102 Agoura Road
Suite 656
Calabasas, CA 91302 for Preventive Medicine Gift Baskets for free Resources

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Perseverance dot Com

To celebrate my first Book Launch, I launched a new website called "My Perseverance". I think it encapsulates one way to live life one day at a time.  And even if you don't have to live one day at a time, I think there are sound humanitarian investments that were well worth it.

From dropping off a baby at a fire station, to family matters, abuse, cutting, teenager runaways, Caregiving, The Elderly, and the Suicide and Poison Control 24-hour hotlines, we have done our best to compile actual offices that have people in them that know what you are going through. So if I can't help you, maybe someone I know can help you, or someone they know, etc.

It's my gift to everyone.
It includes office hours and days of the week, and the link to the website, which you need to Copy and Paste.
I hope no one ever needs anything from here. But if you do, and it helps just one person, it will be worth it. I put it together after crying and feeling sorry for myself at all the things I can not do. I got mad and I decided to do something that I could do, and this is what I chose. Hours and weeks went into this; I want you to understand that this was a grand undertaking for me, especially considering all my hospitalizations and episodes this 2013, but hey, life goes on. Roll with the punches.

There are two pages:  Resources 1 and  Resources 2. I tried to make it user-friendly but I'd love your feedback. If I've left anyone out, please notify me and I will verify and add. All items are verified to the best of our knowledge, and should be up to date.

I hope you like it. Peruse. Bet you find something you didn't know existed. A checklist for nursing homes?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The World of the Walking

by Dr. Margaret Aranda 

She was a very ordinary girl, one you would never notice in a crowd. At twenty-six years old, her long brunette hair complimented her petite figure with a flair, and she smiled all the time. She woke up and no doubt, mind you. In thirty minutes flat, she would be turning the key and driving to her job.

Yesterday, she was in The World. The World of the Walking. In The World of the Walking, everyone in this World can just get up and walk whenever they wanted to. In the little self-centered minds of most people, it was all taken for granted. The World of the Walking is where everything is. It is the standard. The World of the Walking means that you can get up and walk and perform the activities of daily living. She went about her business in The World of the Walking, making phone calls, sending texts, writing, writing, going to work, running errands, writing again, forgetting to stop for groceries. She went anywhere she wanted to, and timed everything out by looking at her watch or her cell, and simply decided where she had to be, and WaLa! she was there. The World of the Walking was a "painless" or "free" kind of Heaven that it seemed only the formerly disabled seemed to appreciate the most. Walking now seemed more like flying, and so much of life differed.

Now see that there is a doctor confined to a wheelchair. He's in the World of the Walking, too. He is there on time to work every day. He has to push buttons and everything is hard, but he does it. The function level is high. So he may be mad at me, and rightfully so, but he really is in the World of the Walking, because he operates within their guidelines virtually every day. He gets out of bed. He's not plastered onto the mattress. He is only able to move from point A to point B if he's in the World of the Walking.

So we just have to be grateful. 
And I'd say to stay in the World of the Walking.
I think that is the goal.