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#StompingOnEggshells - "Raising a Breathing, Walking Nightmare"

 / By Dr Margaret Aranda /

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

Breathing Walking Nightmare 

~ By Dr Margaret Aranda 

There was never actually a nightmare

Inside of you little girl with light glare

It was inside someone else you trusted and loved

And it was and is still their only problem, my beloved

For you are strong and brave it is clear, putting yourself as a target so dear

Always know that What resides and lives in you

This is something not of darkness of morning's dew

only when seen from the cast to glisten

At a certain angle of, you see

It took time and correct humidity too to make you shine ever so brightly

Now your rays beam for other little girls to know

That what you have is a gift you bestow

So no one will have to be silent like you used to be

And others will grow from a plant to a tree

Because you took the time to breathe a new fanciful wreath

Of glitter glistening in the snow

So beautiful that this poem could never know

The true meaning of how you were formed to be you

So others could gain is not from their Super-Power stew

Cooked by their mothers on Christmas Eve is too easy

No! They get their Super-Powers from you

Your message rings true and true

Something no one else could ever ever do

Only you, only the Powerful You

Because that is your Mission your Assignment, it's true.

In Trinette Hacket on "Raising a Breathing, Living Nightmare." 

If your teen has problems acting out,

Perhaps that is their language trying to talk.

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

#StompingOnEggShells - "Depth vs. Dignity?"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Rated R for Adult Content: Conversations on Incest

Rated A + for Getting Out the Message For Victims of Incest

Depth and Dignity

Okay so we realized a few things by now

It was difficult cuz no one told us how

No one could see all the hidden things

It's all okay now my family love brings

Pure and true, ringing pink clouds dancing above my head

I used to be filled with dread

Everyone thought I was just a nice kid

Now I know I'm older now 

I didn't know then what I do know

And I've accepted the reality of the spectrum of the dignity in depth

For I have no fear of depth

Depth is where hears lie in wealth

It's a place that few people really truly find

As they sit at their white desks chewing gum to unwind

Oblivious and opinionated they are when they never got blood on their hands

That made me strong and I'm okay with my dread

It told me that something was wrong instead

Of what I was incorrectly told at the time

I know now to pass it on so it can chime

To other girls even grown women too who didn't know it's all okay now

You see the depths are necessary

To know the vastness and have not superiority

But clarity of thought on the other side of dread

With my own dreams and original styles instead

Of living a farce and smiling through tears now I'm strong I'm deep so glad

Because he though I would always be dead

Too far gone to dance away from the dread

But ha! I did it with help from my uncle who told me how to live free

Actually, he showed me that "I" am 'Me'

My own person all grown up inside so tall no tree can break my fall

For I Stomp! And I'm Here! Now! 

And I know how to empower other children how

I'll never live another lie for someone else

Neither will a bzillion other children unsure of themselves

Instead, they'll STOMP! And turn to love's ways for all their entirety of days.

~By Dr Margaret Aranda

Trinette Hacket on "Depth vs. Dignity?" To be sure, she is left with all dignity.

With some left over to share with other children to behold. Healing Power from STOMPING on eggshells and not tip-toeing after them anymore, no...not at all. Period.


#StompingOnEggShells #TrinetteHackettIsMyHero

#StompingOnEggshells - "An Hour In My Head"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

An Hour in my Head

I had so much to say for years

But my voice froze into my tears

And then my tears they would not stop

Neverending, neverleavingmealone not one drop

Until somehow my uncle gave me the Power to Tackle and STOMP!

Sure it hurts of course it is okay

There's too many things I want to say

They get all jumbled up in my head of dread

But the message isn't in my tears its in what I said

So just use me as your example of just how strong YoU Can Be!

Because one day when you grow up

You'll realize this was never your cup

It was owned by someone else indeed

Someone who used your love to feed

Himself instead of you but now you know you are not the First!

It happened to me you see

And I'm married now my own family

I don't want you to be like me so so much

That your jumbles get mixed up and such

No! I want to empower you, little girl, to take a big breath and STOMP!

~ by Dr Margaret Aranda

Trinette Hackett on "An Hour in My Head." There's not one single mother in this world who would want or let her daughter to go through this. It's not your fault. Forgive. Go Forward, and STOMP!

Yeah, Girl!! You GO!!

#TrinetteHackettIsMyHero #StompingOnEggShells

take it from me

take it from Trinette

the only way things get better

is to talk about it

get a professional get better

go to God the Father

arms stretched, He is Perfect

there is no other

who created your soul beautiful worketh

so smile my child

you were never alone

I heard all your cries to the bone

yet I knew your life had a mission

a path that wasn't in your vision

it's all bigger than you now, bigger than today

so smile my child

go chase the wind in the wild

things are coming your way

today is brighter than yesterday

you'll see when the little girls come crying to you

you'll know without a doubt

that someone had to have gzillion pouts

to know what no one wants to know

and to take it, plant it, and let it grow

into the beautiful family and honorable hero that you are, Trinette

~by Dr Margaret Aranda


You are Beautiful. You are Amazing. You are every Girl's Mother.

The Mother Protector of Children, my Love.

So Smile Now

You can SmiLE NoW

It is all okay

#StompingOnEggshells - "Meeting the World, Head On"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Rated R for adult content conversation on incest.

Graded A+ for Solutions for The Child.

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

Meeting the World Head On

What a big girl!

To give this a swirl!

Despite your own defenses

You bring us to our senses

And talk about this problem so it's not a problem for the child.

How important is this?

Who can see this whiz?

Dastardly emotions bitter rage commotion

Put aside to hold head up high correction

What an example so full of compassion so needed for the child.

Let us learn our lesson

When a child beckons

To complain about something wretched

Someone has to listen and wretch

The child's mind away to a new place of lavender skies for the child.

For meeting the world head on

Is truly an unsong song

That needed tunes and notes

Pauses streams and votes

That no matter the tragedy we must meet it full speed for the child. 

Trinette Hackett Bears Her All For The Child. It's all for the not-next-child.

Don't let there be another one, moms. See what you need to see.


#StompingOnEggShells #TrinetteHackettIsMyHero


#StompingOnEggshells - Initial Revelations

by Dr Margaret Aranda

 / Rated R for adult conversation of pedophile incest.

Graded A + for Human Compassion.

Children are So Precious

Little fingers little eyes

Little Noses huge skies

Bright colors loud noises

Faint whispers shouting noises

Trembling at the dread knowing what is ahead

They are too little to know

That dad is not white as snow

Instead he Harborside problems a crime

Deep down inside where no one would give a dime

Selfishly plodding along knowing that he is very, very wrong

Hurting feelings own flesh and blood

Curling at all fatherhood

It is not normal it is not supposed to be

It is not you dear child it is h

Do not you worry, you shall grow up and be strong and Empowering, like the Trinette.

~ By Dr Margaret Aranda

Hackett Does Not Tip-Toe on Eggshells in Trinette. She has learned to STOMP!

So much appreciate all that you have done, Hackett in Trinette!

You are a hero to many, many, you can not see

But do not let that disturb thee

For these things were meant to be

So you could not help enough zillions who do not even know that they are in need.

~ Drmargaretar Zealand


#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

#StompingOnEggshells - A Child's Rationalization

Guest Video Production by #Trinet in Hackett from each show, #stompingoneggshells

Rated R for Child Abuse Discussion Content.

Graded "A +" for all of Children's Humanity.

To me, Hackett is the Best in Trinette Hero

Coming up from ground zero

Here for all to see bleeding

Planting seeds for fine seeding

So that every loss is your new life for transfusion.

I'm starting #trinettehackettısmyhero and No One Can Stop Me


Because this stigma has to end. 

In Trinette has the courage to breathe in and exhale all fears rejuvenation

For little girls and boys who had no voice

.... But now they do.

Because pedophiles need to realize that children grow up

We all do.

Getting in on Hackett Trinette every Diagnosis. Self-realization is key, if a parent is not there.

I am certain that this message is the one that will go down in history for the makings of 'breaking out' the trauma, repeated depths of hell, and moreso ...

... The resurrection of a soul

That no longer tip-toes on eggshells

But she stomps!

In Trinette, You are My Hero!

Keep it up!


#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

#StompingOnEggshells - Surviving a Pedophile Father

 By Dr Margaret Aranda

Trinette Hackett has no time to pull punches

So he does not mind as she's really cracking and crunching

She tip-toed on eggshells plenty of times

And deserves the right to discuss crimes

Against all children, far and wide so something inside that will help someone, some day.


#trinettehackettısmyhero. In Trinette, You Need to Write a Book.

This is amazing and so personal

It is bound to help girls and women

To be Empowered 

To Know They Have Power


In Trinette, you are My Hero!

#StompingOnEggShells - Coping Mechanism and Triggers

 by Dr Margaret Aranda

Coping Mechanisms for Child Abuse, Rape, Incest.

Raw and unleashed, pure blood transfusion of life.


Trinette Hackett and #StompingOnEggShells.  You don't need to tip-toe on them any more.

Thank you for all your sharing such personal information, and for all that you do to Empower Women. Hat's Off to You!

#WHATISTHEPOSITIVE - Confronting Your Fears: Perseverance

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Thank you, #WHATISTHEPOSITIV for having Dr. Margaret Aranda as Guest Speaker.

She thoroughly enjoyed being with you, as always!


Women are Being Empowered by Themselves

Dr Margaret Aranda was in a horrific car accident with her daughter

That was back when she could not walk in high-heeled shoes

Now bedrid and half dead from too many times to mention

Dr. Aranda faces all fears

This is a great step in "You Being you!"

So ......

How did Dr. Aranda do?

She was true to herself?

Did she even 'know' who 'she' is?

Or ... did she try to please the audience, the viewers, to make more money or sell more books?

Was she pretending to be sick for 10 years? Or is it real?

Is it painful for her to remember the car accident - that huge trauma?

She .... she was able to speak with no tears?


Girls, be Strong and know that Tom Yourself: Always be True

Do not ever let anyone else define who you are - for there is only one you ~~~!

Smile ~

Make sure you always Smile!

No one can ever take that away! No One!

Dr Margaret Aranda Guest Speaker, #WHATISTHEPOSITIV to? 

Every message: "Smile ~"

Books can be each Purchased here:

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