Friday, May 17, 2013

My Perseverance dot Com

To celebrate my first Book Launch, I launched a new website called "My Perseverance". I think it encapsulates one way to live life one day at a time.  And even if you don't have to live one day at a time, I think there are sound humanitarian investments that were well worth it.

From dropping off a baby at a fire station, to family matters, abuse, cutting, teenager runaways, Caregiving, The Elderly, and the Suicide and Poison Control 24-hour hotlines, we have done our best to compile actual offices that have people in them that know what you are going through. So if I can't help you, maybe someone I know can help you, or someone they know, etc.

It's my gift to everyone.
It includes office hours and days of the week, and the link to the website, which you need to Copy and Paste.
I hope no one ever needs anything from here. But if you do, and it helps just one person, it will be worth it. I put it together after crying and feeling sorry for myself at all the things I can not do. I got mad and I decided to do something that I could do, and this is what I chose. Hours and weeks went into this; I want you to understand that this was a grand undertaking for me, especially considering all my hospitalizations and episodes this 2013, but hey, life goes on. Roll with the punches.

There are two pages:  Resources 1 and  Resources 2. I tried to make it user-friendly but I'd love your feedback. If I've left anyone out, please notify me and I will verify and add. All items are verified to the best of our knowledge, and should be up to date.

I hope you like it. Peruse. Bet you find something you didn't know existed. A checklist for nursing homes?

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