Sunday, August 21, 2016

#WHATISTHEPOSITIVE - Confronting Your Fears: Perseverance

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Thank you, #WHATISTHEPOSITIV for having Dr. Margaret Aranda as Guest Speaker.

She thoroughly enjoyed being with you, as always!


Women are Being Empowered by Themselves

Dr Margaret Aranda was in a horrific car accident with her daughter

That was back when she could not walk in high-heeled shoes

Now bedrid and half dead from too many times to mention

Dr. Aranda faces all fears

This is a great step in "You Being you!"

So ......

How did Dr. Aranda do?

She was true to herself?

Did she even 'know' who 'she' is?

Or ... did she try to please the audience, the viewers, to make more money or sell more books?

Was she pretending to be sick for 10 years? Or is it real?

Is it painful for her to remember the car accident - that huge trauma?

She .... she was able to speak with no tears?


Girls, be Strong and know that Tom Yourself: Always be True

Do not ever let anyone else define who you are - for there is only one you ~~~!

Smile ~

Make sure you always Smile!

No one can ever take that away! No One!

Dr Margaret Aranda Guest Speaker, #WHATISTHEPOSITIV to? 

Every message: "Smile ~"

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