Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is "Immunonutrition" Too Big a Word for Patients?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Slowly but surely, we are going back to nature and the way that God made our body's to work, and maximizing the #Immune System to attack the "bad guys" in the bloodstream and tissues, hopefully leading to effects such as: anti-inflammatory, anti-stress oxidation, decreased free radicals, decreased chronic metabolic syndrome, decreased chronic inflammation, decreased diabetes, decreased cancer, decrease autoimmune disease, decreased "Invisible Illnesses" (It's ALL IN YOUR HEAD!"), decreased swelling of joints and marrow, and who knows? ....
It's all going to happen on a microscopic, cellular & molecular biology basis. We will work on getting better from the INSIDE, OUT! THAT is a novel challenge before us, one which has not yet been adequately explored except perhaps by the JuicePlus+ Company, which has published multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts in scientific journals from pharmacology to Pediatrics, from Canada to England. Watch and wait, for it is coming, and it is going to "snowball" as others take this idea and become as buzzing bees in a beehive. 
Hey, it's okay. Let them do it. You know why? Because "It's About Time."

Can you say it? It is really not hard at all. What we are talking about here is the #Immune System that fights infection, viruses, and cancer; and #Nutrition that adds an "Army" of metabolites, vitamins, and minerals to 'Arm' the body's natural defenses. If you use God's natural, organic nutrition to boost the immune system and fight, INSIDE OUT, for a healthy and non-inflammatory, non-oxidative stress body on a microscopic, cellular and molecular basis, then we have:
Immune System + Nutrition = Immunonutrition
Lots of patients are learning about Rare Diseases on the internet. That's good!
Here are a few National groups:
Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA), (I'm on the Advisory Board, so <3)

Social Media Sites for Invisible Illnesses:
And many mainstream, major news media pick up on stories like
Huffington's Post's Chronic vs. Invisible illnesses
USNews Health's Life with a Chronic Illness

Dr Margaret Aranda Drafted "Invisible Illness Petition" to increase MD Education (If you haven't already, please go sign! ~ Thank You!)


Image of "#Immunonutrition" #Breakfast by #DrM. She likes to call this her "Brain Breakfast," as it is filled with blueberries (prevents Alzheimer's, especially in women); nonfat Greek yogurt (no fruit; plain and high protein); honeydew melon (adds collagen and other skin tissue elements to smooth wrinkles, make skin look young); chia seeds (omega-3 fatty acids for heart health); and ground flax seeds (high fiber)...and what could be better? If you freeze the fruit, make it into a smoothie and add JuicePlus+ Protein Powder! Build those muscles 20 min after a workout, and bust that brain out into the brilliance budding within! We'll look under the microscope later and see what's going on in the cells and molecules, but hey! Isn't this enough to make you go grab it? Dr Margaret Aranda's original recipe, just for you! Get better from the INSIDE, OUT!
"#Immunonutrition & Chronic Illness"
So take heart!

OH! And P.S. I tried to talk about this in 2012....but the response was uhmmm....underwhelming but here it is for you: salmon dinner for #Immunonutrition ! Cool! I'll be posting all my meals as we eat them!

So get ready to make a new grocery list, okay?

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  1. Wow this is amazing. It just goes to show that they is something we can do to prevent complications with our health in the futre. This is so inspiring and encouraging to try. The Ministry you do helps alot of people who are bed-bound and that can't get to a church without fainting. Its so good of you to do all this excellent service to all the Communities. People who are bed-bound alone have to log onto a mobile phone or a computer etc to see and be a part of the services you do. I'd advise you to keep on helping. You make a lot of difference in people. Yes I am one of them.


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