Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggshells - "Raising a Breathing, Walking Nightmare"

 / By Dr Margaret Aranda /

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

Breathing Walking Nightmare 

~ By Dr Margaret Aranda 

There was never actually a nightmare

Inside of you little girl with light glare

It was inside someone else you trusted and loved

And it was and is still their only problem, my beloved

For you are strong and brave it is clear, putting yourself as a target so dear

Always know that What resides and lives in you

This is something not of darkness of morning's dew

only when seen from the cast to glisten

At a certain angle of, you see

It took time and correct humidity too to make you shine ever so brightly

Now your rays beam for other little girls to know

That what you have is a gift you bestow

So no one will have to be silent like you used to be

And others will grow from a plant to a tree

Because you took the time to breathe a new fanciful wreath

Of glitter glistening in the snow

So beautiful that this poem could never know

The true meaning of how you were formed to be you

So others could gain is not from their Super-Power stew

Cooked by their mothers on Christmas Eve is too easy

No! They get their Super-Powers from you

Your message rings true and true

Something no one else could ever ever do

Only you, only the Powerful You

Because that is your Mission your Assignment, it's true.

In Trinette Hacket on "Raising a Breathing, Living Nightmare." 

If your teen has problems acting out,

Perhaps that is their language trying to talk.

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

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