Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggshells - "Meeting the World, Head On"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Rated R for adult content conversation on incest.

Graded A+ for Solutions for The Child.

#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

Meeting the World Head On

What a big girl!

To give this a swirl!

Despite your own defenses

You bring us to our senses

And talk about this problem so it's not a problem for the child.

How important is this?

Who can see this whiz?

Dastardly emotions bitter rage commotion

Put aside to hold head up high correction

What an example so full of compassion so needed for the child.

Let us learn our lesson

When a child beckons

To complain about something wretched

Someone has to listen and wretch

The child's mind away to a new place of lavender skies for the child.

For meeting the world head on

Is truly an unsong song

That needed tunes and notes

Pauses streams and votes

That no matter the tragedy we must meet it full speed for the child. 

Trinette Hackett Bears Her All For The Child. It's all for the not-next-child.

Don't let there be another one, moms. See what you need to see.


#StompingOnEggShells #TrinetteHackettIsMyHero


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