Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggshells - Initial Revelations

by Dr Margaret Aranda

 / Rated R for adult conversation of pedophile incest.

Graded A + for Human Compassion.

Children are So Precious

Little fingers little eyes

Little Noses huge skies

Bright colors loud noises

Faint whispers shouting noises

Trembling at the dread knowing what is ahead

They are too little to know

That dad is not white as snow

Instead he Harborside problems a crime

Deep down inside where no one would give a dime

Selfishly plodding along knowing that he is very, very wrong

Hurting feelings own flesh and blood

Curling at all fatherhood

It is not normal it is not supposed to be

It is not you dear child it is h

Do not you worry, you shall grow up and be strong and Empowering, like the Trinette.

~ By Dr Margaret Aranda

Hackett Does Not Tip-Toe on Eggshells in Trinette. She has learned to STOMP!

So much appreciate all that you have done, Hackett in Trinette!

You are a hero to many, many, you can not see

But do not let that disturb thee

For these things were meant to be

So you could not help enough zillions who do not even know that they are in need.

~ Drmargaretar Zealand


#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackett─▒smyhero

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