Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggshells - "An Hour In My Head"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

An Hour in my Head

I had so much to say for years

But my voice froze into my tears

And then my tears they would not stop

Neverending, neverleavingmealone not one drop

Until somehow my uncle gave me the Power to Tackle and STOMP!

Sure it hurts of course it is okay

There's too many things I want to say

They get all jumbled up in my head of dread

But the message isn't in my tears its in what I said

So just use me as your example of just how strong YoU Can Be!

Because one day when you grow up

You'll realize this was never your cup

It was owned by someone else indeed

Someone who used your love to feed

Himself instead of you but now you know you are not the First!

It happened to me you see

And I'm married now my own family

I don't want you to be like me so so much

That your jumbles get mixed up and such

No! I want to empower you, little girl, to take a big breath and STOMP!

~ by Dr Margaret Aranda

Trinette Hackett on "An Hour in My Head." There's not one single mother in this world who would want or let her daughter to go through this. It's not your fault. Forgive. Go Forward, and STOMP!

Yeah, Girl!! You GO!!

#TrinetteHackettIsMyHero #StompingOnEggShells

take it from me

take it from Trinette

the only way things get better

is to talk about it

get a professional get better

go to God the Father

arms stretched, He is Perfect

there is no other

who created your soul beautiful worketh

so smile my child

you were never alone

I heard all your cries to the bone

yet I knew your life had a mission

a path that wasn't in your vision

it's all bigger than you now, bigger than today

so smile my child

go chase the wind in the wild

things are coming your way

today is brighter than yesterday

you'll see when the little girls come crying to you

you'll know without a doubt

that someone had to have gzillion pouts

to know what no one wants to know

and to take it, plant it, and let it grow

into the beautiful family and honorable hero that you are, Trinette

~by Dr Margaret Aranda


You are Beautiful. You are Amazing. You are every Girl's Mother.

The Mother Protector of Children, my Love.

So Smile Now

You can SmiLE NoW

It is all okay

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