Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggShells - "Depth vs. Dignity?"

 / By Dr. Margaret Aranda /

Rated R for Adult Content: Conversations on Incest

Rated A + for Getting Out the Message For Victims of Incest

Depth and Dignity

Okay so we realized a few things by now

It was difficult cuz no one told us how

No one could see all the hidden things

It's all okay now my family love brings

Pure and true, ringing pink clouds dancing above my head

I used to be filled with dread

Everyone thought I was just a nice kid

Now I know I'm older now 

I didn't know then what I do know

And I've accepted the reality of the spectrum of the dignity in depth

For I have no fear of depth

Depth is where hears lie in wealth

It's a place that few people really truly find

As they sit at their white desks chewing gum to unwind

Oblivious and opinionated they are when they never got blood on their hands

That made me strong and I'm okay with my dread

It told me that something was wrong instead

Of what I was incorrectly told at the time

I know now to pass it on so it can chime

To other girls even grown women too who didn't know it's all okay now

You see the depths are necessary

To know the vastness and have not superiority

But clarity of thought on the other side of dread

With my own dreams and original styles instead

Of living a farce and smiling through tears now I'm strong I'm deep so glad

Because he though I would always be dead

Too far gone to dance away from the dread

But ha! I did it with help from my uncle who told me how to live free

Actually, he showed me that "I" am 'Me'

My own person all grown up inside so tall no tree can break my fall

For I Stomp! And I'm Here! Now! 

And I know how to empower other children how

I'll never live another lie for someone else

Neither will a bzillion other children unsure of themselves

Instead, they'll STOMP! And turn to love's ways for all their entirety of days.

~By Dr Margaret Aranda

Trinette Hacket on "Depth vs. Dignity?" To be sure, she is left with all dignity.

With some left over to share with other children to behold. Healing Power from STOMPING on eggshells and not tip-toeing after them anymore, no...not at all. Period.


#StompingOnEggShells #TrinetteHackettIsMyHero

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