Sunday, August 21, 2016

#StompingOnEggshells - A Child's Rationalization

Guest Video Production by #Trinet in Hackett from each show, #stompingoneggshells

Rated R for Child Abuse Discussion Content.

Graded "A +" for all of Children's Humanity.

To me, Hackett is the Best in Trinette Hero

Coming up from ground zero

Here for all to see bleeding

Planting seeds for fine seeding

So that every loss is your new life for transfusion.

I'm starting #trinettehackettısmyhero and No One Can Stop Me


Because this stigma has to end. 

In Trinette has the courage to breathe in and exhale all fears rejuvenation

For little girls and boys who had no voice

.... But now they do.

Because pedophiles need to realize that children grow up

We all do.

Getting in on Hackett Trinette every Diagnosis. Self-realization is key, if a parent is not there.

I am certain that this message is the one that will go down in history for the makings of 'breaking out' the trauma, repeated depths of hell, and moreso ...

... The resurrection of a soul

That no longer tip-toes on eggshells

But she stomps!

In Trinette, You are My Hero!

Keep it up!


#stompingoneggshells #trinettehackettısmyhero

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